FAS-320 Poster Design Elements

Last week I highlighted a design element for a new poster design for my current class. The poster is now completed, but I liked showcasing elements as it gives the individual pieces a chance to shine outside of the overall design. But I don’t want to spend months dragging out the reveal. So instead I’ll … More FAS-320 Poster Design Elements

FAS-320 Poster Design

This term I’ve been taking FAS-320, History of Design. To be honest entering the course I was intimidated, as I never took myself as one who could appreciate art. I know what I like and find aesthetically pleasing, like most people. But understanding art, different movements, appreciating the differences and influences, seemed more for a … More FAS-320 Poster Design

Illustrator Designs VI

Holy moly, I’m getting into heavy sequel territory. This week, I’m featuring some Christmas bulbs I created. Simple shapes with a few effects added later for depth and texture. I liked them a great deal. With the fir branch I featured earlier, they created a nice holiday theme.