GRA-340 Final Project Rough Draft

Well, we’re approaching the end of another fun term learning more about the art and science behind graphic design. I’ve enjoyed learning about typography. I have a better understanding than I did coming in. There are some aspects I’d like to learn more about, but I think that will be the case with every class. The good thing is it’s sparked my interest enough that I did find some additional reading materials to partake upon in the future. Hopefully a vacation is forthcoming in the future that will allow some extracurricular reading.

In the meantime, as I have shared previously for our final project we have been instructed to create a word portrait of a celebrity of our choosing. For mine, I chose musician Dave Grohl. A few weeks ago I shared an image manipulation that I used as a base image for my portrait.  This week I’m sharing my initial rough draft. It has a few flaws, but for a first draft, and the first time I’ve ever attempted a word portrait, I’d say it’s not too shabby. Enjoy.

6-1 Final Project Milestone Three - Brian Fike-01 - Copy

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