GRA-340 Final Project

Here we are, at the end. I really enjoyed this class. Like all of them, it never seems to be enough. But I feel I have a better understanding of typography. Maybe one day I’ll be a master at it, but at least I know a bit more of what makes it tick, and how to better utilize it to communicate.

As promised, here is the final version of my project. I felt it came out pretty well. I still have some things to learn about creating a more three dimensional image, but some of my first forays into shading seem to have gone well. I certainly won’t chastise myself too much, as I’ve never done a project like this before ever. And there are a multitude of methods and styles you can use to create an image of this kind, and I only dabbled in a few of them. But for a start, for something new and different, yeah I feel good about it.

I hope you enjoy it too. Now for a much earned break before some fun photography!

8-1 Final Project Word Portrait - Brian Fike-01 - Copy (2)

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