FAS-226 Photo Shoot 1

After a much needed break with not enough rest, we are back at it, this time with FAS-226, Digital Photography. Like most people, I am accustomed to taking pictures. But I want to aspire to be like the few who take photographs. I’m hoping through this course I can learn how to develop a better photographer’s eye, better instincts on framing and composition, better subject selection and learn some things about the technological side, including getting more from my DSLR and some new Photoshop tricks.

For our first assignment, we were tasked with taking pictures of objects and experimenting with the aperture and shutter speed settings, and playing with focus and ISO settings. It was a slow start, but I got the hang of it more as I worked. We submitted our top 20 images, as well as our top 4 of those chosen. Here are the results, I think not too bad for the first time out.

FAS-226 Photoshoot 1 Contact Sheet Top 4FAS-226 Photoshoot 1 Contact Sheet Top 20

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