GRA-310 Web Design First Attempt

Back at it again. For this new class, we are learning the fundamentals of web design. Through the course to learn these basics, we will be designing a web page for a restaurant by coding HTML5, CSS3 and potentially some Javascript. So far, it’s quite interesting. In what seems another lifetime or two ago, I was proficient at writing Basic code to create small computer programs in DOS. It was fun, usually just small little games, but still enjoyable. This has a similar feel, although more for aesthetics and functionality than diversions.

I tried to think the best way to visually display each week’s work, as 8 weeks of HTML code might look rather boring. So at least to start, I’ll share a screenshot of the website we’re designing. This week is just the beginning, so it’s HTML code with no styles used, very bare bones. But seeing where it turns from here should be interesting. Perhaps one or two weeks I might share some code, but for now, this seems the right path. Enjoy my plain page!


2 thoughts on “GRA-310 Web Design First Attempt

  1. Hi! Don’t know if you are still around, but I am just starting this course and find it totally confusing. I am gathering up the “asset list,” if you remember doing that, and the instructions are clear as mud! Lol! Any ideas?


    1. Hi Jon,

      Yes still around, although not as active as before. If I do remember correctly, heading down the path of the first HTML design was confusing and overwhelming. But with each step it gets a little easier. As for the asset list, it’s everything you want to incorporate into your site design. Images, text, graphics, fonts, page templates, color selections and their web codes, custom pieces (graphics, photos and more specific for your build). Basically anything. Best thing to do at this stage is think of your website and the goal you want it to achieve. Who is your target audience? What message do you wish to convey? What are you trying to communicate with the website? Then, when you have those questions answered, sketch out your site and how you want it to look based upon those parameters. With that, you can create an asset list and pull everything together. I hope this helps!


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