GRA-310 Coding

The main focus of this class is to learn how to code, writing HTML and CSS and using that language to design a website. It’s fun and interesting, although honestly I’m still in the early stages.

This week, I thought I’d share my first code. This is the code to the web page I shared last week. It has your basic HTML5 structure, with comments. This week I’ll be working on adding CSS3 styles to the page, so it should get more interesting. In the meantime, enjoy my humble first forays into programming language.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!– This denotes the document type as HTML5 –>
<html lang=”en”>
<!– This marks the beginning of the HTML section. All subsequent sections and website content and metadata will be nested within –>

<!– This is the head section. Title, metadata, CSS elements are found here –>
<title>Home – Pasta Amore</title>
<!– This is the current title. Potential change to something more customer specific –>
<meta charset=”utf-8″>
<meta name=”Pasta Amore” Content=”Italian Dining, Family Atmosphere, Traditional Cuisine, Fun, Fresh, Filled with Love”>
<!– This version of the page is unstyled. In future versions, CSS elements will be inserted here for design and aesthetic purposes –>

<!– This is the body section. All website content will be found here –>
<h1>Pasta Amore</h1>
<!– In future designs, try text heading vs. logo usage –>
<h2>From our Kitchen to You</h2>
<h3>Our Mission:</h3>
<!– Current header structure. Potential use of Klinic Slab Typeface for webpage headings. Type styles and sizes TBD –>
<p title=”Pasta Amore’s Mission”>To provide a warm atmosphere for your family where we can share the traditional cuisines of Italy.
<br>Our food will always be fun, fresh and filled with love.</p>
<!– Mission statement and Vision statement paragraphs may work better on an about us page. Or perhaps only one on the home page –>
<h3>Our Vision:</h3>
<p title=”Pasta Amore’s Vision”> Pasta Amore combines the cooking traditions and ingredients of Italy with creativity, providing a modern twist on timeless classics.
<br> Our vision for the future is to grow and learn along with our customers. In doing so, we aim to provide an atmosphere that enables this growth and fuels the passion that lives within the essence of the brand.
<br> The approach of Pasta Amore is to develop our brand with the understanding of both our culture and consumer insights. Within our vision always lives the promise of inspiring creativity, conversation and quality.

<!– The following tags close out the body section and website content and the HTML section and the website code, respectively –>


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