Hello Again – Addressing Web Design

It’s been some time since last I posted. I had a few general education classes, mixed around some web design courses. The general education were really no design interest, but fascinating. The web design courses were interesting and fun, but lines of code typically do not make for a fun post.

However, I want to start sharing some design aspects from both GRA-310 and GRA-410, two web design courses I’ve taken recently. This week, I’ll share the web links for each, and then next some of the unique design elements. Then for my current course some of the interesting things we’re doing with brand marketing.

For GRA-310, we developed a static website for a fictional restaurant. I chose Pasta Amore, and created a website around the theme of an Italian eatery. I developed content, created vector art and procured stock photos to arrange and advertise a full service restaurant, with a robust website to match. I like some aspects, the color choices, the typography and some of the smaller features. But I was not 100% satisfied with some of my grouping, placement and negative space. But overall I was pleased with the results. I shared some of the process of this course, but this is the first time I’m sharing the final results.


In GRA-410, our goal was to create and develop a responsive web design for a personal portfolio. This was more challenging, and yet more fun. It is a constant work in progress, and will be continually. My current course will affect the design and deployment of the site, as well as the ultimate web address. For now, this site is active, and may end up being a visual archive.


Next week: GRA-410 Design Aspects

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