GRA-410 Design Aspects

In building a responsive portfolio website, I’ve found there is much to do and learn. You need to develop a theme, style, design aesthetic and decide on what pages and what content. Then you need to learn web design and coding, how to work in HTML 5 and CSS 3, as well as how to navigate and utilize Bootstrap. And then you need to actually select your portfolio pieces to showcase and write content. Then once that is completed, you need to tweak, change, add, subtract, stylize and primp, all in the hopes someone, somewhere will go, yes, that’s the one! It’s rather daunting.

But it can also be fun. After all, it’s an opportunity to be creative. And that’s the fun of graphic design for me. It’s the problem solving, the melding of creativity with delivering a message or conveying information. How do you effectively mix the two. Sometimes it can be stunningly effective and memorable, and others memorable only for it’s ineptitude. But that’s all part of the process as well.

For my portfolio site, which is still a work in progress, I wanted to build a nice, clean site that was easy to navigate and allowed me to showcase some of my favorite pieces. But I did not want it to be sterile. I wanted to add a nice touch of flair, something that adhered to a professional sense yet showed a bit of personality.

One way I’ve attempted to do this is with the incorporation of custom navigational icons. Using my developing love for iconography and Illustrator, I created a few icons to use in my menu bars. This design aesthetic has carried on into my current class to become part of a developing visual identity, but we will address that another day.

For today, enjoy these custom icons created and featured in functional roles on my site.

Wordpress 5-31-2017

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