GRA-420 Branding Suite – Logo Design

In this course, we are endeavoring to learn how to build a branding suite, with ourselves as the clients. This is quite exciting to me, as I do love visual identity systems and am enamored with old corporate branding guidelines and manuals. So getting to develop one for myself is a fun new challenge.

That’s not to say it’s easy. It’s actually quite hard. Not only do you have to develop a clear, coherent design that straddles unique creativity and professionalism, you need to apply it across a variety of mediums and platforms in a consistent manner. That may be the biggest challenge. But nonetheless, it’s still a great deal of fun!

The first step in our journey is logo design. I developed three, with one being a clear winner among all who provided critical feedback. I will not share the winner here, but rather all three designs and allow you to pick a favorite. You will see the winner in future posts. Enjoy.

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