GRA-491 Refinements

Continuing the theme from last week, I offer another design refined and prepared for my portfolio design.

The idea behind this design was to create and advertisement for a radio show in the style of a film poster. I felt overall the design was successful. It communicated the pertinent information for the program, contains specific design elements that connect the overall image to the style, follows design principles well and has a strong visual impact.

From a personal standpoint, the design is one of my favorites. I love it because not only did it turn out as I intended, nor because it was one of my first truly successful designs, but it taught me so much in such a short period in how to be a successful designer. I learned that it takes effort, patience, research, persistence and lots and lots of sketches and ideas and trial and error. Not every design will be great out of the box, and not every design will always be what you want or intended, or even what you first envisioned. But if you keep working, and keep striving to improve and do better work, you will succeed. This will be one of my favorites, always.

Radio Film Poster - GRA-491 Refined - Copy

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