GRA-491 Refinements

In more trips down memory lane, here is an initial print ad done for the New York Comic Con. I enjoyed this one as I had a great deal of fun with the concept. I wanted to visualize the expansive nature of the Comic Con, and how it is inclusive of so many forms of entertainment beyond comics. Using a hot property at the moment, the latest Star Wars film, and action figures combined toys, movies and science fiction, all big components to the Con.

Plus, I got to combine photography with action figures, which made for a very cool photo session one sunny afternoon at my home. I’m sure my neighbors thought I’d finally flipped a lid when they saw me toting my camera and action figures from one part of the lawn to another, but the experience was so much fun, and the final images turned out fantastic. Creating the print layout was a joy, and almost did not feel like a task at all.

Print Ad

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