GRA-491 Refinements

With Thanksgiving approaching, I thought for this refinement post I would share a photography sample. This picture was not taken for a course, but for fun. I enjoyed the results so much I thought it worked well to demonstrate some of my photography skills.

The picture is of my dog Olive, a rescue who came from a violently abusive situation. She is a beautiful and lovely girl, who loves positive attention and brightens everyone’s day. Seeing her each day, and how she’s changed from a scared, timid little girl who cowered and ran if you just stretched your arms to a happy, joyous girl who bounces around the house, runs through the yard with our other dogs and lavishes everyone with kisses and hugs is heartwarming. I am thankful for her, and for the opportunities I have with this program. Enjoy this offering and see you after the holiday!

Photography Sample - Olive

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