Livery Design Hits Hollywood

It’s been some time, and some changes have come along. I’m still adjusting to post collegiate life, working on a few projects and adjusting to a new paradigm at home. All in all very busy. But it’s time to get back out there and share some designs!

This is the livery design I created as a concept for the new APM system at Los Angeles International Airport. The vehicle itself was designed by a talented team of industrial designers, but I was allowed carte blanche on the visual impact of the vehicle. This design was selected from a group of concepts I developed to help envision what the train would look like rolling through the iconic airport. While it’s merely a concept, there’s a part of me that hopes the powers that be like it enough to want to keep it as the project moves forward. And if not, I hope I have the opportunity to present some new designs that may be chosen. Either way it’s very exciting to have my work on such a high profile stage!

Here is the official press release, with associated images and video.


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