Branching Out

Note, this post was originally slated for March, but ended up being stuck in my drafts folder. Apparently, I’m a little more tired than I thought!

Well my consistency needs work, but I do at least have some interesting new designs to display!

This week, I’m sharing some chalk art I’ve done recently. One thing I have been experimenting with is working within unfamiliar mediums to learn more about them and also improve basic skills. This is an example of such.

In our home, we have a painted chalk board, and with a new muse in our home I decided to try my hand at some chalk art. Overall I am pleased with the results, especially some of the shading work. creating shading and light accents is one of my weaker areas, so having a bit of success doing both, in an unfamiliar medium, was a winning point for me. Hopefully this will spur some new art, as I really did like working with chalk. Enjoy!

Chalkart - Edit

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