New Ways to Create

Yes, consistency is the key, but there are some mitigating circuumstances to my inconsistent posts. Regardless, i’ve come today with some fun art.

Recently I read a book on creativity, and one of the methods recommended for breaking out of a funk, or busting through a creative block was to create art with unconventional objects. One suggestion was to take old books and draw in them. You could draw over the existing contents, or incorporate them into your design. The idea was to take a non blank surface and use that to create, rather than a blank canvas, paper or screen, which have a tendency to exasperate blocks.

So I hit a few thrift stores, found some funky old books and did just that. It’s a fun project so far, although I’ve only been using colored pencils. I may explore some different mediums, crayons, markers even paint. We’ll see. Here are a few of my initial explorations.

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