FAS-226 Photo Essay

Well, here we are at the conclusion of another course. They seem to move so fast. Just when I’m really digging in and loving it, too. Oh well, that always seems to be the case. But before I prepare for the next adventure, I would like to share the final project for this course. For … More FAS-226 Photo Essay

FAS-226 Photo Shoot 4

Our photo shoot focused on landscapes. I have always found landscape photography inspiring and a great way to transport myself to places I may never see. Realistically, without unlimited funds and time, it would be almost impossible to see the many wonders the natural, and human made, world holds. Landscape photography is an easy way … More FAS-226 Photo Shoot 4

FAS-226 Photo Shoot 2

For our second assignment, we were focused, no pun intended, on aperture settings and depth of field. I felt more comfortable this week using the camera manually and changing settings. I keep vacillating between being more organized about my shots and different settings used, and just winging it and having some fun experimenting. Each has its own … More FAS-226 Photo Shoot 2