GRA-491 Refinements

We’re winding down the refinements and preparing for something new. This assignment was one of my favorites. It involved creating a direct mail advertisement to entice vendor participation in the New York Comic Con. The key to the advertisement was creating an infographic with information to show the benefits of participation. I had a lot … More GRA-491 Refinements

GRA-220 Final Web Ad

Well, here’s hoping this works. Here’s my final animated web ad for class. When I posted the rough version, it never showed up. I guess we’ll wait and see what happens here. Regardless I’ve had a rather enjoyable trip in learning print and web work. I’ve definitely already incorporated a few things into my work … More GRA-220 Final Web Ad

GRA-220 Beginnings

Well, now we embark on a new class and a new adventure. This one proves to be interesting, and quite educational. For our project, we will be creating advertisements for print and digital distribution. While I am not unfamiliar with print applications, digital will be an interesting new realm for me, and one I’m quite … More GRA-220 Beginnings