GRA-310 Wireframes

I know what you’re thinking. Ugh, no more boring code. Where’s the site?!? Agreed. Although, when working on the code and entering in lines and tags and then watching how it changes and transforms a web pages, its actually pretty exciting. But just reading it on a screen is not as thrilling. Never fear, this … More GRA-310 Wireframes

GRA-310 Coding

The main focus of this class is to learn how to code, writing HTML and CSS and using that language to design a website. It’s fun and interesting, although honestly I’m still in the early stages. This week, I thought I’d share my first code. This is the code to the web page I shared … More GRA-310 Coding

FAS-226 Photo Shoot 4

Our photo shoot focused on landscapes. I have always found landscape photography inspiring and a great way to transport myself to places I may never see. Realistically, without unlimited funds and time, it would be almost impossible to see the many wonders the natural, and human made, world holds. Landscape photography is an easy way … More FAS-226 Photo Shoot 4

FAS-226 Photo Shoot 2

For our second assignment, we were focused, no pun intended, on aperture settings and depth of field. I felt more comfortable this week using the camera manually and changing settings. I keep vacillating between being more organized about my shots and different settings used, and just winging it and having some fun experimenting. Each has its own … More FAS-226 Photo Shoot 2