Branching Out

Note, this post was originally slated for March, but ended up being stuck in my drafts folder. Apparently, I’m a little more tired than I thought! Well my consistency needs work, but I do at least have some interesting new designs to display! This week, I’m sharing some chalk art I’ve done recently. One thing … More Branching Out

New Ways to Create

Yes, consistency is the key, but there are some mitigating circuumstances to my inconsistent posts. Regardless, i’ve come today with some fun art. Recently I read a book on creativity, and one of the methods recommended for breaking out of a funk, or busting through a creative block was to create art with unconventional objects. … More New Ways to Create

GRA-491 Refinements

Continuing the theme from last week, I offer another design refined and prepared for my portfolio design. The idea behind this design was to create and advertisement for a radio show in the style of a film poster. I felt overall the design was successful. It communicated the pertinent information for the program, contains specific … More GRA-491 Refinements

GRA-491 Refinements

For the first time, a new post from a new class. Actually, this is from my final design class. In this course, we are working on learning about portfolios and developing our visual identity. One aspect of portfolio development is featuring your best and brightest work, and seeing what you can do from a design … More GRA-491 Refinements