GRA-491 Refinements

We’re winding down the refinements and preparing for something new. This assignment was one of my favorites. It involved creating a direct mail advertisement to entice vendor participation in the New York Comic Con. The key to the advertisement was creating an infographic with information to show the benefits of participation. I had a lot … More GRA-491 Refinements

GRA-491 Refinements

Sorry for the delay, but the holidays are quite time consuming, especially with a course load. This week, I am featuring another image that was not done for a course, but for work. The original image was just of a city street, but I was asked to show a representation of what a monorail would … More GRA-491 Refinements

GRA-491 Refinements

With Thanksgiving approaching, I thought for this refinement post I would share a photography sample. This picture was not taken for a course, but for fun. I enjoyed the results so much I thought it worked well to demonstrate some of my photography skills. The picture is of my dog Olive, a rescue who came … More GRA-491 Refinements

GRA-420 Leave Behind

Another key element to the personal branding suite and visual identity is the leave behind. This item allows you to provide your potential employer or client one last way to be remembered, with a focus upon your primary specialty or talents. Say you excel at package design, developing a clever package for your resume or … More GRA-420 Leave Behind

FAS-226 Photo Shoot 4

Our photo shoot focused on landscapes. I have always found landscape photography inspiring and a great way to transport myself to places I may never see. Realistically, without unlimited funds and time, it would be almost impossible to see the many wonders the natural, and human made, world holds. Landscape photography is an easy way … More FAS-226 Photo Shoot 4