GRA-491 Refinements

Continuing the theme from last week, I offer another design refined and prepared for my portfolio design. The idea behind this design was to create and advertisement for a radio show in the style of a film poster. I felt overall the design was successful. It communicated the pertinent information for the program, contains specific … More GRA-491 Refinements

GRA-491 Refinements

For the first time, a new post from a new class. Actually, this is from my final design class. In this course, we are working on learning about portfolios and developing our visual identity. One aspect of portfolio development is featuring your best and brightest work, and seeing what you can do from a design … More GRA-491 Refinements

GRA-420 Leave Behind

Another key element to the personal branding suite and visual identity is the leave behind. This item allows you to provide your potential employer or client one last way to be remembered, with a focus upon your primary specialty or talents. Say you excel at package design, developing a clever package for your resume or … More GRA-420 Leave Behind

FAS-320 Final Poster

Last week I was supposed to unveil the completed design. Unfortunately, travel prevented the big reveal. But, I can happily say that will not be the case this week. And here is the final design, complete with each of the previously revealed elements. Enjoy.

FAS-320 Poster Design

This term I’ve been taking FAS-320, History of Design. To be honest entering the course I was intimidated, as I never took myself as one who could appreciate art. I know what I like and find aesthetically pleasing, like most people. But understanding art, different movements, appreciating the differences and influences, seemed more for a … More FAS-320 Poster Design