GRA-491 Refinements

We’re winding down the refinements and preparing for something new. This assignment was one of my favorites. It involved creating a direct mail advertisement to entice vendor participation in the New York Comic Con. The key to the advertisement was creating an infographic with information to show the benefits of participation. I had a lot … More GRA-491 Refinements

COM-230 Cover Design

Hi all, For this class, the final project entails developing a flyer to advertise an event. The flyer encompasses a front and back cover, and an interior design that contains infographics. I chose to advertise the New York Comic Con. This is the cover I designed for my flyer, all done in Illustrator.

COM-230 Charts

This week we’ve been working toward our final project for the class, part of which involves creating charts. I took the opportunity to create three, with a superhero theme. These are my results.

COM-230 Pen Tool Exercise

A new one we worked on this week. Still getting comfy in illustrator. And I’m still working on looking at an object and breaking it down into simplified shapes. But, I am starting to improve at looking at the shapes and not the lines. Still have some learning to do, but improving.